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Story of Rich Restucci

Born in Boston in 1968, Rich Restucci lives in southeastern Massachusetts with a bunch of 20 year olds, two crazy dogs, and a cat on steroids. Rich enjoys the finer things in life, such as explosives and beer. Rich has worked at the same job as a chemist since 1989. 33 years in the field, Rich is an analytical chemistry specialist and has been fortunate enough to travel the world for both business and pleasure. Through his work Rich has engaged in saturation diving and explosives testing. He worked on oil platforms in the North Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, and has worked on The Living Machine in both Italy and Nigeria. Rich has taken biological samples in every corner of the world including the Artic and Africa.

Rich is a pilot with a CFII rating for fixed wing and has single and multi-engine land ratings, a single engine sea rating, and rotorcraft rating with over 2000 hours flight time as pilot in command combined. Rich is also certified to pack a parachute and has engaged over 100 jumps. Rich has dived more than 1100 hours underwater during wreck and cave dives, and holds both heliox and trimix tec certifications. A rock climber in his youth, Rich taught a rock climbing and knots class in Colorado in 1988 and has climbed Longs Peak, Creston Needle, and Garden of the Gods. Currently studying American Kenpo, Rich has a background in Muay Thai, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Aikido.

Currently Rich is a hobby writer with 2 best-selling series and a dozen or so anthologies under his belt. A lover of zombies, Both of Rich’s series are set in the same world but with very different stories. You can find his work wherever books are sold and he has several free stories on

An avid firearms enthusiast, Rich is always ready to target shoot and has written several firearms and survival gear reviews.

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