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D. M. Muga has done it again with the third entry into his RADIUS series, FIGHTING FOR THE RADIUS. Fun and imaginative, this sci-fi romp through an interesting and very different apocalypse keeps us on edge and wanting more. Muga is an excellent story teller and he packs his tale with action, bringing us epic battles between the forces of old Earth and the Federalists who left Earth centuries ago and have returned to take claim it. Don’t let this one slip by, pick it up today.

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Mutants. Flesh hungry mutants. That’s what Gamboa has hunting us in his newest book, HUNT THE NIGHT. An apocalyptic tale replete with gore and guns, Gamboa sends us into his wasteland on a motorcycle to hack, slash, and shoot those former-humans who are starting to evolve into something far more dangerous. Akachi is a mutant hunter with an edge, and she doesn’t take prisoners. She has to survive against sweat-drinking wastelanders, cannibalistic mutants, and other hunters while she Hunts the Night. One of my favorite books of 2023.

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